Photograph: José Pessoa

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Name of Object:
View of the Monastery and Riverbank in Belém
Also known as: View of the Beach and the Monastery in Belém
Date of Object:
Filipe Lobo
Type of object:
Painting, landscape (veduta)
Holding Museum:
National Museum of Ancient Art
Lisbon, Portugal
Period of activity:
Museum Inventory Number:
1980 Pint
Material(s) / Technique(s):
Oil on canvas
Place of production:
H: 112.5 cm; w: 184.5 cm
Collection of João da Costa de Sousa Macedo
This painting is an admirable veduta, showing two outstanding building projects undertaken during the reign of King D. Manuel I (r.1495–1521): the Belém Tower and the Jerónimos Monastery.
The veduta is in the mid-17th century genre style. The scene depicts the “da Bola” fountain in Lisbon, the meeting point for these picturesque figures.
The Monastery's surroundings have changed considerably: the riverbank was much closer to the monastery and the beachside palace was where nowadays the Cultural Centre of Belém stands. Visible on the horizon is the Tower of Belém.
The painting is historically significant, documenting the architectural changes to the monastery, such as the new façade of the monks' dormitory which had just been re-designed. Moreover, between the church and the dormitory, it is possible to see the now absent Kings' Room (Sala dos Reis). Contrarily, the cupola of the 1870s, still extant today, had not yet been built.
A member of the St. Lucas Brotherhood until 1675, Filipe Lobo was active in the first half of the century. The similarity between his work and the vedute of the Dutchman, Dirk Stoop (the Hague, Mauritshuis), is noted. Dirk Stoop was a court painter and lived in Portugal for several years (1659–1662). He accompanied the Portuguese Princess D. Catarina of Braganza on her voyage to England to marry Charles II.
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Current Owner:
Museu Nacional da Arte Antiga
How date and origin were established:
The painting is signed and dated “Philippus Lupus fecit MDCLVII
How Object was obtained:
Donation of João da Costa de Sousa Macedo, 1952
Selected bibliography:
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Additional Copyright Information:
Copyright image: Divisão de Documentação Fotográfica/ Instituto dos Museus e da Conservação,I.P.
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José Alberto  Seabra Carvalho "View of the Monastery and Riverbank in Belém" in "Discover Baroque Art", Museum With No Frontiers, 2016.;BAR;pt;Mus11_A;12;en
Prepared by: José Alberto Seabra Carvalho
Translation by: Lili Cavalheiro, Cristina Correia
Translation copyedited by: Mandi Gomez
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