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Photograph: Martin Raffler
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St. Jacob’s Cathedral
Catholic Provost Parish Church of St. Jacob the Elder
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Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria

Ecclesiastical architecture (parish church)
Architecture: Johann Jakob Herkomer (1648–1717), Johann Georg Fischer (1673–1747); stuccowork: Egid Quirin Asam (1692–1750); altar builder: Christoph Benedetti [n.d.], Theodor Benedetti [n.d.]; sculptor: Dominikus Molnig (1691–1761), Nikolaus Anton Moll (1676–1754); frescos: Cosmas Damian Asam (1686–1739); paintings: Josef Schöpf (1745–1822), J. G. Grasmair (1691–1751), Egid Schor (1627–1701)
Innsbruck Cathedral is considered the first major building in Tyrol in the mature Late Baroque style. It is a product of the Füssen school of architecture, conceived by Johann Jakob Herkomer and enriched with new forms by his pupil, Johann Georg Fischer. The stuccowork and frescos were also executed in accordance with contemporary forms by the brothers Asam and are of the highest quality.

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