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Photograph: Pavel Čech
© Moravská galerie v Brně

Slavkov u Brna Chateau
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Slavkov, Moravia, Czech Republic

1690–1705; 1731
Secular – aristocratic, count’s residence
Enrico Zuccali (1642 Roveredo – 1724 Munich), Domenico Martinelli (1650–1719, Lucca), Ignazio Valmaggini, Václav Petruzzi (1700 Uherský Brod – 1752 Slavkov), Andrea Lanzani (1645 Milan – 1712 Vienna), Santino Bussi (1664 Bissone – 1736 Vienna), Giovanni Giuliani (1663 Venice – 1744 Heiligenkreuz), Ignaz Lengelacher (1698 Unter Peissenberg – 1780 Baden), Josef Pichler, Franz Xaver Messerschmidt (1736 Wiesensteig – 1783 Bratislava), Jan Blommendael (1650 the Hague – 1704–1707 Amsterdam)
Slavkov, one of the oldest preserved aristocratic residences in Moravia, is a spectacular reconstruction of a Renaissance palace built for the Kounic family. Building was started by Dominik Ondřej of Kounice, Imperial Vice-Chancellor, who commissioned the Bavarian architect, Zuccali, and later D. Martinelli. The plans included a new parish church for the town. The original design was executed in a more austere manner and elaborated in the French style. The chateau was decorated by Italian–Viennese artists. After the Battle of Austerlitz, a truce between Austria and France was signed in the chateau.

Copyright image "Národní památkový ústav v Brně": Národní památkový ústav – územní odborné pracoviště v Brně".

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