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Photograph: Pavel Čech
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Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou Chateau
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Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou, Moravia, Czech Republic

1670–1680; 1698; 1700–1737; 1853–1856
Secular – aristocratic residence – country chateau
Jacob Prandtauer (1660 Stanz – 1726 St. Pölten), Johann Friedrich Praetorius, Domenico d´Angeli, Johann Lucas Hildebrandt (1668 Genoa – 1745 Vienna), Josef Emanuel Fischer von Erlach (1656– 1742 Vienna?), Konrad Mathias Albrecht, Nicolas Milich (active, 1627–1736), Joseph Munggenast (1680–1741) Giovanni Michele Fontana, Giuseppe Camone, Tobias Gravani, Johann Gottfried Auerbach (1679 Mühlhausen – 1743 Vienna), Johann Baptist Glunck, Domenico Maria Francia, Alessandro Ferretti, Giovanni Battista Pellizuoli, František Antonín Findt, Frans Stampart (1675 Antwerp – 1750 Vienna), Martin Meytens (1695 Stockholm – 1770 Vienna), Karel František Tepper (1682–1738), Kaspar Ober, Johann Wenzl Bergl (1718 Hradec Králové – 1789 Vienna)
This Baroque residential complex, closely linked with the town, was a major centre for Baroque culture in Moravia. The chateau theatre was particularly renowned, with local people featuring in musical performances. The first Czech opera was held in the chateau in 1730. With its rooms arranged on two floors, the chateau is one of the largest in Central Europe. The Baroque reconstruction was devised by the distinguished Austrian architect, J. Prandtauer. The design included a garden landscaped in the French style. In the 1720s and 30s a number of Viennese-Italian artists worked on the chateau.

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