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Telč, Moravia, Czech Republic

Residential town
David Lipart (active in Brtnice, 1715–1718) Václav Kovanda, František J. Hamb, Karel Škréta (1610–1674, Prague), Jan Jiří Heinsch (1647 Kladsko – 1712 Prague) Daniel Gran (1694 Vienna – 1757 St. Pölten), Ignác Raab (1711 Nechanice – 1787 Velehrad), Kaspar Ober, Josef L. Daisinger
The square is an example of a modern urban concept, an effort to create a compact whole. Its multicoloured architecture and decorative sculptures resemble theatre props, creating a space for everyday life. The unique complex of Renaissance and Baroque houses has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Copyright image "Národní památkový ústav v Telči": Národní památkový ústav – územní odborné pracoviště v Telči.

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