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Photograph: Veronika Skálová
© Moravská galerie v Brně

Rottal Residence, Holešov
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Holešov, Moravia, Czech Republic

1655–1658; 1745–1762; 1797
Secular – aristocratic residence – country chateau
Filiberto Luchese (1606, Melide – 1666, Vienna), Giovanni Pietro Tencalla (1629 Bissone? – 1702 Vienna?), Badassare Fontana? (1661–1733, Chiasso), H. Cavalli, Gottfried Fritsch (1706, Silesia – 1750, Tovačov), Jan Jiří Schauberger (? before 1725 Vienna, active in Olomouc – 1744 Brno), Ondřej Zahner (1709 Ettershausen – 1752 Olomouc), František Antonín Palko (1717 Wroclaw – 1767 Vienna), František Josef Pilz (1711, Retz – 1797, Horní Bečva)
For pure size, purity of style in surviving subsequent construction, layout and interior decoration, the chateau is one of the most impressive early Baroque buildings in Czech lands. The design – by the Italian architect, Luchese, who came to Moravia from Poland – was one of the first examples of the “French-garden” principle in Moravia. The residence, including a chateau, church with family tomb and buildings below the chateau, was renowned for concerts and theatre performances. The interior decoration of churches in the demesne includes some of the most precious examples of Baroque art in Moravia.

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