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Photograph: Pavel Čech
© Moravská galerie v Brně

Premonstratensian Abbey, Nová Říše
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Nová Říše, Moravia, Czech Republic

1616; 1676; 1683; 1797–1807
Religious – Monastery
Pavel Weinberger, Bartoloměj Hassler, Bernhard Jiří Rothmiller, Adam Enz, Johann Ignaz Hennevogel (1727–1790) Johann Lucas Kracker (1717 Vienna – 1779 Eger), Ignaz Mayer Sr. (c. 1720 Graz – 1785 Brno)
The high altar altarpiece of the monastery church is by the Venetian artist A. Entz (1705); the retable was created by the marble craftsman J. I. Hennevogel, also active in an affiliated monastery in Geras. The “real” architecture merges with illusionary painting (the masonry trimmings and ledges), creating a unified space. The ceiling painting is by J. L. Kracker, an artist active in Prague, Znojmo and Hungary. The monastery boasts a picture gallery; some of the works of which were purchased from F. Mayerswald, secretary to the Viennese court in 1804.

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