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Photograph: Veronika Skálová
© Moravská galerie v Brně

Svatý Kopeček (“Holy Hill”)
Basilica of the Annunciation at Svatý Kopecek – Basilica Minor
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Svatý Kopeček, near Olomouc, Moravia, Czech Republic

1629–1633; 1669–1679; 1684; 1722–1732
Religious – Pilgrimage Church and residences
Giovanni Pietro Tencalla (1629 Bissone? – 1702 Vienna?), Giacomo Tencalla, Baldassare Fontana (1661–1733, Chiasso), Quiricho Castelli, Domenico Gagina, Carlo Borsa, Matteo Contessa, Martin Antonín Lublinský (1636 Lesnica – 1690 Olomouc), Johann Spillenberger (1628 Košice – 1679 Engelhartszell), Tobias Pock (1609 Konstanz – 1683 Vienna), Michael Zürn Jr. (1654–1698), Johann Sturmer (1675 Königsberg – 1729 Olomouc), Ludwig Sebastian Kaltner, Paul Troger (1698 Zell, near Welsberg – 1762 Vienna), Jan Kryštof Handke (1694 Janovice u Rýmařova – 1774 Olomouc), Dionysius Friedrich Strauss (1660 Moravská Třebová – 1720 Hradisko), Johann Hagenmüller, Bernard Antonio Fossati, Mikuláš Indegrenz, Josef Winterhalder Sr. (1702 Vöhrenbach – 1769 Vienna), Johann Joseph Wirth (active 1733–1757)
With a spatially segmented frontage opening onto the countryside, the pilgrimage complex is a typical example of Counter-Reformation architecture. The church vaulting, decorated with spectacular stuccos, is among the largest specimens of the style north of the Alps. The vaulting was created by Italian sculptors and decorators, whose further work had a profound influence on art in Moravia. The complex, equipped by leading artists from Vienna and Olomouc, includes a unique series of artworks from the second-half of 17th century, only a tiny proportion of which have survived in the Czech lands.

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