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Photograph: Pavel Čech
© Moravská galerie v Brně

Pilgrimage Church of the Name of the Virgin Mary, Křtiny
Pearl of Moravia, The First Ave, Kiritein
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Křtiny, Moravia, Czech Republic

1660–1661; 1712–1718; 1728; 1738–1750; 1771
Religious – Pilgrimage Church and residences
František Benedikt Klíčník (1677 Ivanovice na Hané – 1755 Brno), Jan Blažej Santini Aichl (1677–1723, Prague), František Josef Ritz, Jan Jiří Etgens (1691–1757, Brno), Josef Stern (1716 Graz – 1775 Brno), Ignaz Lengelacher (1698 Unter Peissenberg – 1780 Baden), Anton Schweigl (1700 Gaiming in Tirol – 1761 Brno), Ondřej Schweigl (1735–1812, Brno) Josef Winterhalder Jr. (1743 Vöhrenbach – 1807 Znojmo), Ignác Raab (1711 Nechanice u Hradce Králové – 1787 Velehrad)
Legend has it that Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius once baptised pagans in the Křtiny Valley. The significance of the pilgrimage site grew during the Thirty Years’ War. The architect, Santini, was acquainted with the numerical symbolism of the Jewish Cabbala, which was also developed by prominent Catholic scholars, and he applied its principles in his extraordinary compositions. The ground plan symbolises the Marian star. The ceiling painting is a metaphorical celebration of the Virgin Mary as the embodiment of Divine Wisdom.

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