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Photograph: Pavel Čech
© Moravská galerie v Brně

Dominican Church of St. Michael, Brno
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Brno, Moravia, Czech Republic

1658–1679; 1728; 1745; 1760
Religious – Church
Jan Křtitel Erna (1625? Brno – 1698 Brno), Anton Riga (cca 1660 Kaliningrad – 1728 Brno), Josef Winterhalder Sr. (1702 Vöhrenbach – 1769 Vienna), Damascenus Schwarz, Dominik Kirchner, Johan Franz Greipel (1720–1798), Josef Tadeáš Rotter (1701 Opava – 1763 Brno), Johann Lukas Kracker (1717 Vienna –1779 Eger), Josef Stern (1716 Graz – 1775 Brno), František Vavřinec Korompay (1723 Rohatec u Strážnice – 1779 Brno), Josef Winterhalder Jr. (1743 Vöhrenbach – 1807 Znojmo), Karl Aigen, Jan Adam Nesmann (1710 Mainz – 1773 Brno), Ondřej Schweigl (1735–1812, Brno), Ondřej Zahner (1709 Ettershausen – 1752 Olomouc)
The church was frequented by Moravian estate-holders who held their sessions in the adjacent monastery. City development incorporated the new church into what was the fish market, so that its disposition was reversed and the building was entered from the east. Setting the church into a mild slope quickly caused problems; repairs included the construction of a terrace lined with statues. The church altars were decorated by leading Brno artists. The pulpit with sculpted fallen angels is particularly noteworthy. Sketches for some parts of the decoration have been preserved.

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