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Photograph: Veronika Skálová
© Moravská galerie v Brně

Carthusian Monastery and the Church of The Holy Trinity, Brno-Královo Pole
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Brno, Moravia, Czech Republic

1375; 1760–1777
Religious – Monastery
Ondřej Schweigl (1735–1812, Brno), Franz Anton Maulbertsch (1724 Langenargen am Bodensee – 1796 Vienna), Felix Ivo Leicher (1727 Bílovec – 1812 Vienna), Josef Stern (1716 Graz – 1775 Brno), Martin Johann Schmidt (Kremser-Schmidt), Bartolomeus Zindtner, Mořic Grimm (1669 Achdorf – 1757 Brno), Giacomo Antonio Corbellini
This monastery, the only preserved Carthusian complex in Moravia, was founded by a Moravian margrave. The order was dedicated to asceticism and contemplation and leading artists from the Vienna Academy participated in its Baroque reconstruction. Prior A. Gottfried was a renowned art collector and exponent of the Enlightenment in Brno. The interior is adorned with frescos featuring revelations: angels as God’s messengers in mystical scenes from the Old and New Testaments. The monastery was dissolved in 1782 as part of religious reforms undertaken by Joseph II.

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