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Church of the Elevation of the Cross, Doubravník
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Doubravník, Moravia, Czech Republic

1535–1537; 1679; 1786
Religious – Parish Church with a family tomb
Johann Baptist Spiess (? Scherzingen – 1688 Brno), Jan Jiří Schauberger (? before 1725 Vienna, active in Olomouc – 1744 Brno), Ondřej Schweigl (1735–1812, Brno), Franz Anton Maulbertsch (1724 Langenargen am Bodensee – 1796 Vienna), Jan Výmola (1722 Ptení – 1805 Brno)
The high altarpiece in the burial church of two major Moravian families was among the last works created in Moravia by F. A. Maulbertsch, a leading 18th-century artist of the Habsburg Monarchy. The miraculous scene is portrayed with light effects accentuated by sculpted decoration. The chiaroscuro picture opens with whitish figures of saints in restricted postures, and classicist flowing gowns. The segmentation and colour scheme of the retable blend the late-Baroque altar with the Gothic architecture, producing, despite a variety of styles, a unified, noble interior.

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