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Photograph: Veronika Skálová
© Moravská galerie v Brně

Židlochovice Chateau
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Židlochovice, Moravia, Czech Republic

1570, po 1648, 1722–1728, 1743–1746, 1844–1845
Secular – aristocratic residence – country chateau
Robert de Cotte (1656–1735, Paris), Ernst August Charbonnier (1677–1747 Hannover?), Ludwig Sebastian Kaltner, František Antonín Grimm (1712–1784, Brno), Bartoloměj Zintner (1717–1773), Johann Stern, Joachim Günter, Wenzel Frieb, Jan Jiří Schauberger (?before 1725 Vienna, active in Olomouc – 1744 Brno)
The chateau was built by an imperial chancellor on the site of an older residence. The chancellor – who took part in several peace negotiations with the French King and was a general superintendent of the Vienna Academy – built a chateau that exemplified the new Classicism. It was one of the first chateaux to feature a ground plan with a U-shaped ceremonial courtyard. It can be considered as “correspondence architecture”, for the building was designed by a local master builder following a plan sent to him by an architect from the Parisian royal court. The garden was considered one of the most beautiful in the country.

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