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Capuchin Monastery and the Church of the Invention of the Holy Cross, Brno
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Brno, Moravia, Czech Republic

1645–1651; 1653; 1739; 1753
Religious – Monastery
Joachim von Sandrart (1606 Frankfurt – 1686 Nuremberg), Moric Grimm (1669 Achdorf – 1757 Brno), František Antonín Grimm, Josef Tadeáš Rotter (1701 Opava – 1763 Brno), Johann Lucas Kracker (1717 Vienna – 1779 Jager), Josef Stern (1716 Graz – 1775 Brno), Ondřej Schweigl (1735–1812 Brno), Jan Adam Nesmann (1710 Mainz – 1773 Brno)
The Capuchins came to Brno in 1604 by invitation of Cardinal Dietrichstein, who also introduced the order to Mikulov as part of his Counter-Reformation enterprises. The original seat of the order was destroyed in the Swedish siege of Brno in 1645. Count Liechtenstein-Castelkorn, the Provincial Governor of Moravia, financed the construction of a new Capuchin Monastery. The high altar altarpiece, by the renowned German artist J. Sandrart, is considered the first Baroque painting in Moravia. There is a crypt containing mummified bodies, most of them monks, as well as that of Baron Trenck.

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