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Benedictine Monastery, Rajhrad
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Rajhrad, near Brno, Moravia, Czech Republic

1691; 1721–1739; 1763–1770; 1840
Religious – Monastery
Jan Blažej Santini-Aichl (1677–1723, Prague), František Benedikt Klíčník (1677 Ivanovice na Hané – 1755 Brno), Jan Jiří Etgens (1691–1757, Brno), Ignaz Lengelacher (1698 Unter Paissenberg – 1780 Baden), Ondřej Schweigl (1735–1812, Brno), Josef Winterhalder Jr. (1743 Vöhrenbach – 1807 Znojmo)
The monastery is one of the largest in South Moravia and the only one owned by the Benedictine order. It played a key role in local education and in the development of the economy. The frescos in the church, by the architect Santini, celebrate the Benedictine order and its spread throughout Europe, Asia and Africa in the first three centuries of its existence. The monastery is famous for its picture gallery. It also houses the Museum of Literature in Moravia.

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