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Photograph: João Paulo
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Church of St. Francis, Oporto
Igreja Monumento de São Francisco, Oporto
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Parish of St. Nicolau, Oporto, Portugal

13th–14th centuries (architecture); 17th–18th centuries (gilded carved decoration)
Religious architecture, church
Architectectural design: Francisco do Couto e Azevedo [n.d.]; sculptors: António Gomes [n.d.]; Filipe da Silva (active 1718–?); woodcarvers: Luís Pereira da Costa (active 1724–?), Manuel Carneiro Adão (active 1719–?), Manuel Pereira da Costa Noronha (active 1750–1751), Manuel da Costa Andrade (active 1740–1743), Francisco Pereira Campanhã (active 1764–?)
A Gothic church, of the “mendicant” type that was commissioned by the order of St. Francis. It was built during the 13th and14th centuries and entirely covered in gilt carving in several stages throughout the 17th and 18th centuries.

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