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Photograph: Manuel Gomes Teixeira
© Museu de Aveiro

Church and Convent of Jesus
Church of the Monastery of Jesus; Aveiro Museum
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Aveiro, Portugal

1460/18th century
Religious architecture, Church and Convent
Architect: João Antunes (1642–1712) – Tomb of Princess Santa Joana; main altarpiece carving: António Gomes [n.d.], José Correia (active 1725–1728/29); painter of main chapel: (Life of Princess Santa Joana cycle) Emanuel Ferreira e Sousa [n.d.]
The Church and Convent of Jesus in Aveiro were built in 1460. The single-nave church dates back to the 16th century, but its interior was redecorated during the reigns of Pedro II and João V.
The main and secondary altars, as well as the panel ceiling with paintings from the Life of St. Dominic, are masterpieces of 17th- and 18th-century gilt wood carving. In the monastery's low-choir stands the tomb of the Princess Santa Joana. In the main chapel her life is depicted in paintings by Ferreira e Sousa. 

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