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Photograph: Confraria do Bom Jesus do Monte
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Bom Jesus de Braga Sanctuary
Bom Jesus do Monte
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Braga, Portugal

Founded in the 15th century; Baroque works carried out 1723–1811
Religious architecture (pilgrimage sanctuary, Sacro Monte)
Architects (attributed): Manuel Pinto de Vila Lobos (?–1734), André Soares (1720–1769), Carlos Amarante (1748–1815); master masons: António Ferreira Lopes ; woodcarvers: Elias Gomes dos Santos, João Bernardo da Silva, João Álvares Bezerra, João Martins Coelho; sculptors: António de Campos Peixoto, António José Pereira, António Monteiro, António Pinto, Domingos António, Domingos Ferreira, Evangelista Vieira, Félix António and others; painters: Pedro Alexandrino de Carvalho, and others whose dates are unknown.
Venerated by the Portuguese, this pilgrimage sanctuary of the type known as Sacro Monte (Way of the Cross), includes a large complex Baroque stairway – along which are chapels, statues and allegorical fountains – leading to the upper square where the Neo-Classical style Bom Jesus Church is located.

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