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Photograph: Roberto Pereira
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Church of São João Evangelista
Igreja do Colégio
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Funchal, Portugal

Construction: 1629–1647; decoration: 1647–1750
Religious, church
Author of the initial project, master of the royal works: Mateus Fernandes (active 1575–1595); master stonemason Brás Fernandes (active 1629–1635); master engravers Manuel Pereira (active 1648–1660), Manuel Pereira de Almeida (active 1690–1700) painting workshop of Bento Coelho da Silveira (1648–1708)
The Church of São João Evangelista is one of the best examples in Madeira of the integration of the Baroque with the Mannerist style. Decorated after 1647, the interior combines gilded wood carved retables, patterned and figurative azulejos, trompe l´oeil ceiling painting and frescoes on the walls of the nave and sacristy.

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