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National Heritage Institute
Kroměříž, Czech Republic
The Kroměříž Regional Department of the National Institute for the Protection and Conservation of Monuments and Sites of the Czech Republic (National Heritage Institute Kroměříž) is a professional body whose responsibility it is to protect, study, document, and present the cultural heritage of the South Moravian region. From Kroměříž, the National Heritage Institute administers four other ancient State monuments including Kroměříž Castle and Garden in the district of Zlínský – Buchlov Castle, Château Buchlovice, the Archbishopric Residence, and Château Vizovice Château. All these properties are open to the public.

Another component of the Institute is its agenda relating to the Legislative Act of Monuments. The current agenda comprises restoration and renovation of cultural monuments, as well as intervention where necessary for the wellbeing of municipal monuments, natural reserves and areas of scientific interest, towns and villages of historic interest, monuments of traditional folk building and technical monuments. It also monitors archaeological sites and supervises the restoration of monuments.